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Maps To The Stars | Robert Pattinson 

Gimme the movie, now!

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Alright you guys, here it is. Hope you enjoy.

xx, S

this breaks my heart and makes me completely happy at the same time.

every fuckhead kristen stewart hater in the world should watch this video

I’m crying. .. I’m so disgusted by these paparazzi. When she cried,oh god,my heart. Ppl should watch this. And again,and again.

ok, so… I’m crying so hard right now. and I can barely write. please, PLEASE, watch this film. this will change not only your view about kristen but also about hollywood and the media. the media isn’t always like you think it is. it’s hard. it’s inhuman. it’s disgusting. and in the end, kristen stewart and many other stars are people like you and I.

Everyone should see this!